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Atwater Congregational Church
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About Atwater Congregational Church
The Atwater Congregational Church was organized in 1818 in order to help combat the lawlessness of the town in the early 19th century. 20 years later, in 1838, construction began on the current building. When it was completed, on November 7, 1841,  the town of Atwater had built a 112 ft. tall monument that drew attention from the entire Midwest. The architecture of the building shows elements of both the Federal and Gothic Revival styles, both of which were popular throughout New England at the time of construction. 

The church has been featured in calendars and books throughout the years and is photographed frequently. The building was recently renovated and stands as a tribute to the town's faith.

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"However, the Most High does not dwell in houses made by human hands"
                                                                Acts 7:48
1921 Postcard
Christmas Eve 2016
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Atwater Congregational Church ® 1237 State Route 183, Atwater, OH 44201 phone: 330-947-3426